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Rönninge Show Chorus - 2017 International Champions

With a near perfect score of 3,098, Rönninge Show Chorus (from the Noric Light Region #32) won the gold medal at the Sweet Adelines International Contest on 10/22/16. Their fabulous singing, directed by Bitt-Helene Bonnedahl and Anna Alvring was punctuated with amazing choreography, as well. 

Semifinals songs: I Have Dreamed (Wright); Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart (Wright)
Finals songs: Zing Went The Strings of My Heart (Wright); I Hope I Get It; Music And The Mirror (Wright);
Who Am I Anyway?; What I Did For Love (Wright); Dance Ten Looks Three (Wright); One Singular Sensation (Wright)

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Frenzy Quartet - 2017 Queens of Harmony

Frenzy, with their fun entertainment package at the finals in Las Vegas, took first place ribbons, pins, flowers, trophies and, yes, CROWNS! This is how we honor the best Sweet Adeline quartets in the world and continue to honor them as we see many crowns continuing to be worn at these events. The coveted crown signifies the hard work, dedication and sacrifice to become the best and is certainly revered to all Sweet Adelines, even if the civilians in the hotel look with wonder. We are pretty sure it's also a topic of conversation at each airport security point...

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