Cathie Sturm


Cathie Sturm started her Sweet Adeline journey in 1995 with the City of Lakes Chorus in Minneapolis, MN, earning a 5th place International Chorus Medal in 1996 and a 2nd place International Chorus Medal in 1998.

She sang with the 2010 International Champion Scottsdale Chorus, where she was an Assistant Director. Her quartet experience is in two voice parts (lead and tenor) but claims to be a 'closet' baritone!

In addition to her Sweet Adeline experience, Cathie holds a degree in Music Education from the University of Minnesota and taught General Music in the Deer Valley Unified School District in Glendale, AZ, and directed the school choir. Cathie is now an elementary music specialist in the Clark County School District.

While living in Minnesota, she had the privilege and honor of performing with the Minnesota Opera for one season brefore relocating to a warmer climate.

In her spare time, Cathie enjoys furthering the vocal education of private voice students. She believes there is music in everyone and that gift can be developed throughout one's lifetime. 

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