The Uncalled Four

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Phone number is 623-262-0105

Top ~ Wendy Holmquist, Bass

Left ~    Marsha Shaw, Lead

Right ~ Cathie Sturm, Tenor

Bottom ~ Jacquie Fernandez, Baritone 

The Uncalled Four was formed in 2016 with the goal of good singing and friendship.  What they have found is that, while barbershop quartets come in 4's, many good things also come in 3's.  For instance, three of The Uncalled Four are teachers.  Three were all born in the same state - can you guess which three?  Three have been married and three have been Sweet Adelines for over 20 years!  No matter which three you talk to, all four of the quartet members can agree on their love of singing 4-part a capella music in the barbershop style.